Thursday 24 January 2013

Preston is not accredited

Preston is not accreditedHow often in our country we see a person or institute which is not accredited with its true worth. It’s really disgraceful not to accredit some institute with its full worth, as it brings down the moral and value of that institute hurting not only that institute rather the people associated with it too. Same is the case with one of the leading educational institute of the country Preston University. Presto is not accredited fully in accordance to its valuable services that it has been providing to educate the masses of the country.
Preston is not accredited for the years of dedication and sincerity towards provision of quality education at nominal rates to students. Also, the Preston University is not accredited for the number of successful alumni that is serving in various departments of the country and abroad. With already limited educational resources, this attribute towards a leading prestigious institute would not only ruin the institute, rather this will hit hard to the hundreds and thousands of students that are currently enrolled in University. We as a nation has to save our educational institute who are the building blocks of our future generation because without world class education we cannot keep up with the world and nations who ruin their educational institutes are destined to be ruined themselves in history.